Evaluate Accounting system and  adequacy and effectiveness of;

  • Internal Controls ensuring that approval and authorization of expenses have been properly complied with.
  • Administer Internal Control Questionaire.
  • Perform substantive test of transactions and Account balances.
  • Circularise Debtors balances and bank balances.

Statutory Compliance with Tax Laws:

  • Examine whether Tax Laws have been.  strictly adhered to or complied with e.g. PAYE deductions ,Withholding taxes,SSNIT deductions.
  • Review financial statement as a whole ensuring that amount stated as total revenue and expenditure agree with schedules and ledger balances respectively.
  •  Review previous Management report if any ensuring that weaknesses identified and recommendations  made have been complied with.
  • Train Staff in areas that we have observed that they need further exposure relating to their field of work.
  • On completion of the Audit we will discuss key findings in a form of Management report.
  •  Draft Financial Statement.
  • Finalization of Financial statement and Audit report.